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In this episode, Brian Philippe and Ian chat about the recent trailers that have came out, and news from DC cinematic universe.

Topics Discussed:

  • Beer of the Week
  • Batman vs Superman trailer.
  • Are Wonder Woman and Aquaman Kryptonians?
  • Latest happenings with Arrow and Flash.
  • Things we like about DC TV Universe.
  • Superman to make appearence in Supergirl?
  • Our thoughts so far about Daredevil
  • Daredevil in Marvel Infinity Wars.
  • Daredevil gets renewed for a second season!
  • Official image released of Jared Leto shown as Joker for Suicide Squad.
  • Why Marvel Cinematic Universe is better than DC.
  • Ryan Reynolds mentions that Deadpool is half-way filmed.
  • Jurassic World Trailer.
  • New Star Wars: The Force Awakens teaser trailer.
  • Brian’s Star Wars: The Force Awakens countdown app.
  • Star Wars producers announced and show that BB-8 is a real working prop at Star Wars celebration.
  • Philippe taking step back from the Podcast.
  • Average Geek Show blooper reel.

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Apparently this work place has had no work-related injuries in the last 703 days, thanks to Supergirl.


Honestly though, it is difficult to tell whether or not this picture was taken on set, or if this is just a behind the scenes shot in the CBS office. However, KryptonSite managed to pick up a photo of Melissa Benoist rocking her Supergirl outfit via a forum board user. Check out the post on their Twitter account:

Supergirl is an upcoming American television series developed by writer/producers Greg Berlanti and Ali Adler set to air on CBS.  

Well it seems like the cast of the Suicide Squad are in Toronto now. Director David Ayer post this picture on his Twitter account from what appears to be a table read for the upcoming DC Comics adaptation.


One thing we noticed is that Jared Leto, who has been cast to play The Joker, was missing from the picture. Perhaps his role is a lot smaller than expected?

Below is the actual Tweet from David Ayer:

Suicide Squad is expected to begin shooting this month to be in theaters on August 5, 2016.